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Level 1 - The Foundation Stage

Level 1 – The Foundation Stage


The consciousness at this level is basic. At this stage, money is a physical currency – it is dollars and cents. It is notes, coins, debit cards, credit cards. Money is a tool for SURVIVAL.

You are exchanging something you DO for money via a paycheck. Its also called dollars for hours.

Your consciousness revolves around needing money to meet your needs. Money is used to buy the essentials – food, shelter, clothing, utilities, rent. Often times there is not enough. 

Your skills drive your money.

If you falter – the money stops. If you fall sick or cannot go to work, there is no money inflow.

Your money starts and stops with your ability to DO.

There is a lot of fear at this level – fear of survival, fear of enoughness, fear of adequacy etc.

The key to this level is Your inflow is directly proportional to your output.


It doesn’t matter what you make per hour – it could be $8.25 per hour or $100 per hour or $10,000 per hour.

If you have to PHYSICALLY show up for money inflow – your money consciousness is foundational. Money is a necessity and not a tool like in the later stages.