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Level 2 - The Creation Stage

Level 2 – The Creation Stage


You’ve broken out of the foundational stage because you chose to step into your potential.

This stage is called the Creation Stage because your are creating something in exchange for money. Something that is uniquely you and your strength.

It could be a retail store that creates displays of products for sale.


It could be a unique method of life coaching. 

It could be setting up a company that provides a professional service or a general service.


It could be a unique skill you bring to your corporate job.

Whatever you choose to do – you are developing your unique potential into a creation in exchange for money. 

At this stage you have the ability to not show up all the time. Yet the money will still come through for a bit.

Your consciousness now revolves around your potential in direct relation to money.

You will tend to plow a lot more effort into your potential.


So the same amount of time spent will reap more reward than the foundation stage.


You realize here that with more time and resources, you can disproportionately expand money creation.

Money still controls you though and it is still based on DOING and it is still a very physcial thing.