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Level 3 - The Transformation Stage

Level 3 – The Transformation Stage

Stepping fully into your power are you?

Congratulations. Most people don’t make it here.

It takes an enormous amount of effort and self-development to even make it to the transformation stage.

Now that you’re here though – this transformation is most likely one of the biggest hurdles you’ll need to cross in your life path.


You are definitely in charge of the money that comes to you through various channels.

For couples, most likely you have one wage earner and one business owner.

Or both are business owners. You’ll likely own a home, stocks, investments etc.

In this stage, your thoughts and intentions are of the highest importance.

Decision making is a key factor and you’ll come across frequent “forks in the road” which may call for all your resources.

– You’ll find your environment and circumstances transform based on your decisions.

– You’ll find your money transforms based on how much clarity you have around your boundaries

– You’ll find the level of accountability you’re willing to assume directly transforms your impact on your surroundings

– You’ll  find that MONEY transforms from physical currency to documents – financial statements, bank statements, net worth statements, title statements etc.

I called this the Transformation Stage because from here – you have a choice.

You have a choice to stay here, go back to creation stage or move forward to the Abundance Stage.

And because this stage brings up all your wounds, vows and negative beliefs, it takes a strong commitment and a willingness to re-write those beliefs and re-wire your thoughts.