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Level 4 - The Abundance Stage

Level 4 – The Abundance Stage

My ultimate dream would be for everyone to experience this stage.

While that may or may not happen, one of my biggest business goals is that everyone I work with is able to experience this stage.

What is abundance?

Abundance is very simply defined as a very large quantity of something!

Unfortunately the mainstream meaning of abundance is tied directly to money and lots of it.

But this stage is about much much more. Its about plenty in your life.

Money allows for the abundance and plenty. It is a means to an end and not the end in itself. Thats the beauty of this stage.

Each step into this stage is sweeter because of the changes you have made on your way to being here.

Everything in your life is moving towards abundance.

Your relationships.

Your kids.

Your work.

Your belongings.


Everything you surround yourself with makes you feel that sense of plenty.

Its not the cost or the value that makes you feel that way – its the internal feeling of being around something. For eg you may own a $30,000 car and a $30,000 watch. And both may make you feel extremely abundant.


Money consciousness has now transformed completely.

It starts becoming an energy that matches your inner feeling of abundance.

It loses its physical form and becomes something you can call on at will.


Through the transformation process, you now understand how your thoughts, intentions and emotional states affect your money.

Hence you personally stay at a higher more positive vibration to keep feeling that inner abundance which then positively affects your surroundings.