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Level 5 - The Alignment Stage

Level 5 – The Alignment Stage

You’re here for a really big purpose. You know it. You feel it.

And this stage is where you free that out into the world so your genius is showcased and impactful.

You’re in alignment with your soul essence.


Your expression is impactful, creative and groundbreaking to those who would benefit from it.

You lead.

You create.

You teach.

You crusade.

Your mission is fueled from deep within you.

You are fully invested in speaking and living your truth.

It is your only form of expression and nothing else matters.

And because of this highest personification of your truth, money has no option but to be attracted to you in LARGE quantities.

Here’s where it becomes effortless and unstoppable.

Abundance is deeply connected to effortless.

Abundance becomes unstoppable when combined with effortless ease.

The quality of this phase is effortless. Your hustle becomes easy. You show up and get paid large quantities of money.

You dont need to prepare a speech. You dont need to edit your writing.

What comes through you is so focused and aligned that it is your perfect truth.

Your money consciousness becomes playful and analytical. Why did this work? What went right? How can we tweak this to add a 0 at the end? Money is the outcome not the goal. The more you focus on the alignment, the more zeroes you add to the end.

The Alignment Stage is also a stage where people can go directly from nothing. That is beyond the scope of this writing.