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Level 6 - The Influence Stage

Level 6 – The Influence Stage


This stage is unique and fascinating.

And because it has fewer people at this level, the data follows broad assumptions.

I call this stage “Influence” because this is one word that is widely accepts as having a positive and negative side.

If you look at any profession or position – there have been people who have used the influence of that position in both ways.

The one common factor of influence is money.

Without money there is no influence.

So what makes one go wrong and the other go right? I dont know yet, but when I do I will come back and update this description.

For now I know that at this stage, the influence I talk about is impact by the millions. 

At this stage you are influencing millions of people using millions of dollars.

You are influencing global finance by impacting stock markets or currencies.

You are influencing elections by monetarily backing a candidate.

You are influencing millions of people to buy your product because thats the basis of operation e.g. Microsoft Windows.

Money at this stage is governed by control and by equivalents. What are equivalents? They are real estate, stocks, bonds, business interest, fleets of airplanes and ships.

This stage is not about ownership – it is about control.

Ownership only results in taxes.

Control results in wealth.

The wealthiest people live by the mantra of “Own nothing, control everything”

The top 1% of the people control 99% of the wealth. Its not a myth, its the truth.