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Level 7 - The Legacy Stage

Level 7 – The Legacy Stage

The definition of Legacy is a gift by will of money or property.

For the purpose of the 7 Levels of Money Consciousness™, we’re going to expand that definition.

Legacy now means “The use of one’s wealth to leave a lasting gift to mankind for positive forward progress”.

When a person bequeaths their wealth to alleviate a global crisis – they have left a wealth legacy.

Bill and Medinda Gates and the Gates Foundation along with several other well known names are tackling the global health crisis.

The Omidyar Foundation tackles a variety of issues including human rights, food and energy.

The Michael and Susan Dell Foundation tackles education, arts and community development.

The list is long and impressive. At this stage, wealth is the catalyst for global change. People who you never will know or meet are the beneficiaries of your legacy. Their lives will be transformed.

You are at the ultimate level of money consciousness – you are a global change agent