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One Time Consult

You’ve finally started your own business! How exciting!

You’re making new connections

 Getting new clients

Bought the domain and launched that website

You have a sparkling new facebook page, instagram account. Social media – check.

 Working your own hours and exercising that freedom – check.

It feels really, really good.  

And like all new business owners, you want to do things right.

Maybe you’ve taken some courses, joined some groups and even have your first clients.

Whether you quit your 9-5 and dove in full time into your business


Whether you started with a business on the side,

– you’re here and ready to change lives!


 There’s this one part of the process that doesn’t line up with the feeling of freedom.

Rather, it brings up some fear and anxiety. Discomfort.


I’m talking about your business finances.

You don’t really want to avoid it.

After all, the thought of earning money to pay the bills and create savings while doing something you love – that’s pure gold.

But you have questions…

How do you get started?

How do you get those expenses together?

Someone mentioned that you need to make quarterly tax payments. What exactly does that mean?

Are you supposed to have all your receipts ready? What’s the best way to gather them?

Do you need QuickBooks?

How do you keep track of everything?

Do you need to set up a company? How do you do that? Do you even need it?

You have lots of questions and you need answers.

You don’t want any more overwhelm.

You just want someone to take all this away from you and do their magic, so you can finally get a sense of peace around your money and business.

Welcome to the New Entrepreneur Package.


I specifically built this package to guide new entrepreneurs on how to set their business up correctly from an accounting and tax perspective.


One of the biggest benefits of this product is that you start creating new positive money habits from the ground up, while the risk is still small.

You are now building a skill that easily grows with you into the larger 6 and 7 figure business.

You develop a sense of power around money, that replaces the fear and anxiety.

I can’t wait for you to get started on this exciting journey with money and I look forward to being your guide.


Price: $197 

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