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I am an accountant. I prepare accounting statements and tax returns for business owners


After reading that, chances are you reacted in one of two ways:


  • 20% of my visitors message me/email me/call me RIGHT AWAY. They have an immediate accounting or tax problem that won’t go away and they want to know if I can fix it for them. 95% of the time I can.

If this is you then click below to directly book into my calendar:

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  • The other 80% of my visitors walk in wide circles around my website/Facebook page/LinkedIn profile. They don’t have an immediate issue, but they want the accounting and tax help.

Yet they don’t know where to start or what to do.
Talking about money is not easy, the subject comes with plenty of negative emotions attached.

Emotions like fear, shame, being judged.

So they wait, watch and keep coming back to read more content without taking any action.

Is this you?

If you said yes – great! You’re in the right place.

Talking about accounting, taxes, finances, money management is exhausting for most.

It’s one of those things that most people “feel like they have to deal with”…like that Accounting 101 class in college.


You’re here, and that means you’re ready to change the present and the future.

Knowledge is power.

 Not just any knowledge, but the RIGHT knowledge – those little tips and nuggets of information that make things click into place.


I give women the financial knowledge to powerfully stand on their own and develop the wings to soar in their business and their purpose.

 As a business owner, wife and mother to two beautiful young women with autism, I can tell you that one of THE most difficult things I’ve done is start my own business.

I knew how to do my own accounting and taxes.


I didn’t actually know how make money, or build a website, or hire employees, or market my services, or lease office space, or anything else about how to actually RUN a business.

Over the years, I gradually learned that I needed to know the what and the why, but not the how that I had put so much emphasis on in the beginning:

  • I needed to know what I wanted to say on my website and why…but I could hire a brilliant web developer to actually build me that website.
  • I needed to know what I wanted in an employee and why it was important…but I could hire a professional staffer to find me the right employee.
  • I needed to know what service I wanted to market and why…but I could hire a marketer to actually do the marketing for me.

I learned that the WHY has to come from within

The WHAT is the education I had and could continue to acquire

But when I learned that the HOW could be outsourced – that was when I felt totally free!

The good news is, the same goes for your money!

I am your HOW.

And I’ve got a little bonus for you: 

I am also your WHAT.

 I’ve worked with hundreds of business owners just like you, educating them on how and what to do with their money.

I’ve worked with coaches, attorneys, energy healers, doctors, chiropractors, yoga teachers, construction companies, herbalists, marketing experts, website developers, reiki practitioners, restaurant owners and many, many more.

 I’ve watched their businesses grow and I’ve watched them grow into expert business owners.

The one thing I learned as I watched success after success is this:

The life force of your business is the money it generates.


 Build that wing power. Let me show you how.