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One Time Session

Understand Your Money Awareness Quotient

One Time Session

Understand Your Money Awareness Quotient

Are you ready to go on a money awareness journey?

This is a 2 hour session [and it can go by REALLY fast].

Together you and I set to uncover your money story – what YOU consider true about money.

Some things may surprise you – do you really hold that particular belief?

Some things will not surprise you at all – you know this.

But every once in a while – something will come up as a complete shock. And bringing that ONE thing to awareness completely changes your entire life. THIS is the game changer that you may have been looking for all along.

This is not a coaching session. This is a deep and wide unearthing.

An unearthing of your beliefs [what you think and feel]  and behavior around [how you manage] money.

I call this Your Money Awareness Quotient or YMAQ.

[Pretty fancy huh? I can be fancy every now and then [wink]]

The YMAQ is not a number – rather it is placing you on the 7 Levels of Money scale and a description to go with it.

This session is a prerequisite for all the other coaching or take action packages I have available.

During this 2 hour session we’ll go over my specific 3 stage process to get to the core of your money beliefs. We divide your life into 3 stages and analyze each specific set of situations.

Most people who work with me have these three stages in common

1. Childhood – where your beliefs were heavily influenced by parents or caregivers

2. Pre-Adult – college or twenties where you were learning to handle life on your own

3. Career or Adulthood – this may include marriage and kids or it may not, but it involves your current money situation.

Everyone is different and if these 3 stages dont exactly apply to you, we will adapt the process to your particular situation.

For example, even my own stages are different from the above. I lived at home for college and was married right after. So I would categorize my stages as follows: 1) Childhood   2) First decade of marriage and kids where I was a stay at home mom   3) Second decade of marriage where I got back into the workforce and then started my own business.

At the end of the 2 hours we will have Your Money Consciousness Quotient and a set of beliefs to be worked on.

There is a one page questionnaire that I require you fill out ahead of time so we can really get to the deep stuff right away and make the most of our time together.

Ready to Find Your Money Awareness Quotient?

One Time Investment: $350

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