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Three Session Package

Includes Action Plan

Three Session Package

Includes Action Plan

Money Awareness Breakthrough Sessions

So you want Money Awareness Breakthroughs! I applaud and appreciate you.

Shining a light on our areas of greatest resistance most often leads to the biggest breakthroughs.

I believe that if you were led here to this page, you were guided here for a reason.

Right now – the world needs legions of women who are not afraid of money.

I also don’t believe in wasting your time. So lets get to it!

Remember the 3 stage process we went through in the YMAQ One Time Session? We’re going to take that blueprint and dive deep. We spend a week on each stage. Money loves momentum. We’re going to use the power of The Ripple Effect™ to supercharge your breakthroughs. 

3 sessions. One week to 10 days apart. One whole month of working with money awareness.

Each session is between 75-90 minutes.

Between sessions you have homework. If you’re a writer, you have written homework. If you’re a talker, you have video homework. If you have resistance to both, then you need to do both.

This is your time for your awareness and your breakthroughs.

You have to do the work. I’m here to support you, but you need to show up and be there.

What to Expect:

I’m tough and I’m unconventional. If you’re called to work with me, then you are too.

I believe in exploring the problem, and then finding a solution for it.  Sometimes the most difficult decisions are uncannily easy in the right moment of clarity. Lets find you THOSE moments. 

I believe in divine energy. You are safe and protected here while you uncover what doesn’t quite feel safe or protected.

I believe in massive shifts and creating space for massive shifts to come through.

I believe THIS is a turning point for you. 

Total Investment: One Payment of $997

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