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Hi! I’m Deepa Ramachandran.

My last name is phonetic. Ra-ma-chan-dran. See? Easy.

I prepare accounting statements and taxes for a living. But I’m an uncertified life coach on the side. Coz there’s no-one who can become an excellent tax preparer without doing some life coaching on the side…

I am a knowledge seeker.

I am a creator and an artist.

I am an introvert. And really weird and picky on how to make a great cup of tea.

I drop things ALL the time. The classic “Butter Fingers”. I may be worse than ANY two year old you know!

I am daughter to two. Wife to one. And mom to two bold bright shiny lights with autism.

I am a nature lover. I dont like to kill insects. My best work comes out on a park bench in the shade next to water. So I decided to Iive in a place which has record levels of cold and snow …. [eye roll]

I love pizza. So I am a pizza snob. I will only eat Chicago pizza from Lou Malnatis. Gluten free. Yep.

I love books. Kindle was the best invention ever. Even better than fire. Well. Fire was a discovery. And maybe fire is better. Anyway. You get the message.

I love chakras.

I love spring.

I dont like uncomfortable clothes. If my clients didnt mind, I would show up at work in my favorite hoodie and pjs. Maybe they wouldnt mind. But that would make me uncomfortable.

I LOVE to read the tax code and find new ways to help my clients save money on their taxes. LEGALLY. None of that hiding income business. Please. Dont do that.

I love essential oils. Peace and Calming is my all time favorite.

I wont coddle you or make decisions for you. I believe in you doing your transformative work. Because I’m right there doing the work along with you.

I believe in the power of intention.

I have my own money issues. I’m not perfect. Yes. A CPA and money consciousness expert has money issues. There’s no shame in it. So I definitely will not be accepting any excuses to that end.

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I help women entrepreneurs get smart with their numbers so they can finally feel in charge of their business and life


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