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Hi, I’m Deepa and I help Gen X women take charge of their finances.

Hi, I'm Deepa and I help Gen X women take charge of their finances


Welcome! I see you.

I see an Entrepreneur. A Business owner.

A Creator. An Artist. A Career Woman. A Leader. An Educator. A Crusader.


I see your inner Wonder woman.

You have this incredible gift, and it’s as natural as breathing.

The rest of us watch with awe when you stand up, shine your light and live your truth.

To us, it looks perfect.

But you know the truth. You know that business and life is not all pretty and perfect.

There are learning curves, mistakes to be made, lessons to be learned. You also know that there are things you avoid . . . like your life depended on it. Yet that very thing you avoid is what will take you to the next level.

Yes, I’m talking about money

Money is the life force of your business. It is the energy behind your career. It is the fuel that ignites your ideal life. 

How are you handling that energy?

Are you ignoring it? Hoping someone will come in and take it over for you? Or are you facing it, allowing it to propel you forward? To help you soar in your life and business?

My name is Deepa Ramachandran. I am a CPA, money consciousness expert and your biggest cheerleader.

I show you how to soar in your life and business by standing in power around your money.


You’re wonder woman, remember? It’s rewarding and easy. I promise.


I help women entrepreneurs get smart with their numbers so they can finally feel in charge of their business and life


—Taxes & Accounting Done for You —


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