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What are the 7 Levels of Money Consciousness™?

There are two parts to money.

Part 1 is the creation of money – the earning.

Part 2 is managing the money you have earned.

Together they create your Money Consciousness.

Money Creation

Money Creation is how you earn your money.

  • Do you have a job?

  • Do you work in corporate?

  • Do you run a business?

  • Are you a sole proprietor?

  • Are you an entrepreneur?

  • Do you have a strong passive income stream that you don’t actively work for?

  • Do you have a trust fund and an inheritance?

None of these are wrong or right – they just are your circumstance and how money comes into your life.


From my years of preparing income tax returns, I have realized that this is where 95% of people spend their time. It comes easily when you know what you’re doing.

You have learned money making skills and honed those skills to a point where it becomes second nature.

It may be effortlessly easy or it may be filled with more strife than you’d like.

Either way – it is uniquely yours and it contributes to what I like to call Your Abundance Quotient.

Money Management

Money Management is something 95% of people struggle with.

Till today I’ve not seen money management form part of any curriculum in school or college. And hence 95% of people end up feeling inadequate in this area, which leads to shame and frustration.

You’re not alone. I, money consciousness expert, business owner, CPA and tax preparer, have my own issues with money management.

There is no one size fits all. It again, needs to be uniquely yours. I have some basic principles that I recommend everyone follow, but its largely a set of personal choices.

And once you’ve made those choices – the results are easy to attain.

This is the area that I recommend everyone outsource to a large extent.

Bookkeepers, accountants, CFOs, controllers, financial planners and wealth managers are all people who do money management in different ways.

Knowing the difference between them and choosing wisely leaves you time to go create more of it.

Click on the icons below to learn more about each of the 7 Levels of Money.

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